Private Limited Company Registration

Easily register your Private Limited Company online which is the most desirable business structure among startups and is preferred by investors all over India.


benefits of Private Limited Company

Improved Business Credibility​

The information relating to registered Companies is available in a publicly searchable database which makes it easy to acquire reputed customers or obtain credit from vendors.

 This feature authenticates the existence of the business and improves the credibility. 

Ideal Business Structure for Investors

Private Limited Companies can issue shares and attract equity funding which can be critical in the growth stage of a business. Unlike proprietorship, partnership or LLP which cannot issue shares and thus have limited funding options. 

Attract and retain Talent

People tend to have confident in Private Limited Companies, which makes it easy for startups to build a great team of employees.

Also, corporate designations and ESOP’s helps in retaining employees and creating a sense of ownership. 

Create Multiple Businesses

Often Serials Entrepreneurs have multiple ventures going on and they always have an eye for exploiting new opportunities.

 As Companies have separate identity, they are not tied to their promoters which allows them to pursue multiple opportunities as business evolves over time.   

Planning for going International

Private Limited Companies and Limited Companies are kinds of business structures which are allowed to have Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) under automatic route depending upon the industry. So if you’re planning to go international in near future, it is best to start a Company.

Exit Plan

Shares of a Private Limited Companies can be sold or trasferred in part or whole to another person or entity while the business keeps on going. This allows Promoters to plan their exit strategy without causing any hassle in the business. 

"Limited Liability" Protection

This means only the assets of the business are at risk and no personal assets of the Promoters are involved like personal bank account, property, cars etc.

Only the funds invested in the business are at risk in case the business is making losses.  

Create Multiple Businesses

Often Serials Entrepreneurs have multiple ventures going on and they always have an eye for exploiting new opportunities. As Companies have separate identity, they are not tied to their promoters which allows them to pursue multiple opportunities as business evolves over time.   


Name for your Company

Registered Office of Company



Paid up share capital and Authorised share capital of the Company

2 Directors & 2 Shareholders

The Directors and shareholders can be same person.

How does it works

1. Initial discussion

Our team will help you with all your doubts and figure out the best possible structure for your startup.

2. Preparation of documents and filing the application

We will file an application for Name Reservation. Once we get the desired name, we will draft the documents and file an application for registration of Company

3. Things to take care after Company is registered

After your Company is registered, we will help in preparing documents for opening a bank account and filing required documents with RoC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us help you with some common doubts and questions

How much time does it take to register a Company?

The whole process of Private Limited Company registration can be completed within 12-15 working days, if all the documents are in order.

Who is Registrar of Companies (RoC)

Registrar of Companies is the name of authority with whom Companies are registered. There is one RoC in every state in India. RoC are representative offices of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) which is the governing body under Companies Act, 2013. (click here to access)

Do I need to be physically present for registration of Private Limited Company?

No. The complete process is online, you need to provide us the scanned copy of the documents. We will file the application electronically. Our team will visit the RoC offices, if required.

What documents are required for Private Limited Company registration?

Identity documents for all the directors along with address proof of the Registered Office is required. Our team will guide you about collation of documents and information. 

What is the cost of running a Private Limited Company?

There are various types of cost involved in running a Private Limited Company –  Cost of accounting and auditing, cost of compliances during the year and miscellaneous expenses. These recurring costs tend to go around 30,000 every year.  

Is audit mandatory for Private Limited Company?

Yes. Every company is required to appoint an Auditor who must be a Chartered Accountant in Practice and get audit done. This is required even if company is not doing any business. 

The auditor shall be appointed within 30 days of registration.

What is the minimum capital required to set up a Private Limited Company?

There is no minimum capital requirement for registering as a Private Limited Company.

Can the registered office of Private Limited Company be a home address?

Yes. Registered office can be in a home address, you can submit the utility bills for address proof in this case. 

What are the mandatory compliances for a Private Limited Company during the year?

Every Private Limited Company is required to comply with certain mandatory compliances during the year. Please refer to our detailed article – Click here

Can I convert my Proprietorship business into Private Limited Company?

Yes. A sole proprietorship business can be converted into a Private Limited Company and it has many benefits as well. Please refer to our detailed blog – Click here

What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

Digital signature certificate is electronic software based signature which is used for certifying documents for filing with RoC. 

Class II DSC is used for any kind of RoC filing. 

What is the minimum turnover required to register a Private Limited Company?

There no requirement to have any minimum turnover to register a Private Limited Company, you can start from scratch. 

Also there is no requirement of turnover after registration as a Private Limited Company.